Not many of you may realise but towards the end of last year I was given the chance to go back to full time work (with flexibility! hurrah!) What this meant is that my life and my blog has had to change significantly in order to accommodate this brand new aspect of my daily life….

I always knew that I wouldn’t be able to ignore my “third child” so giving up my blog was never an option… What I did realise pretty quickly is that my own involvement would need to change ever so slightly. This meant that I need to employ someone to pick up my pieces. The aspects of my website that I just wouldn’t get around to with my new 9 to 5 (well, more like 8 to 3!)

Enter Emma – my new(ish) right hand girl – to be honest she’s been my right hand girl since 1983. She is my sister!!! The perfect person to pick up after me ????

And she has been a revelation!

She is so switched on when it comes to running my blog as a business. If I’m honest she has taught me so much. It’s been MUCH easier to focus on the bits I do best and let her tackle the tasks which aren’t my strengths… Anyway we’ve become a strong team and I’m so grateful to have her on board. In many ways I found our relationship has got better as sisters because we’re such good business associates!

And the point of all this???

Well, I recently had the chance to spoil her as a way of showing my appreciation (aside from the salary!) I whisked her off for a Sunday afternoon of pampering courtesy of Skin Clays at the Boschendal Farm Spa near Franschhoek.

As a (very) busy mom of 3 who juggles not only those 3 full time jobs plus my Becoming you work, tutoring AND working as a part-time fundraiser for a NGO I reckoned there wasn’t a more deserving candidate to share some “me time” with me.

Tucked down a shady drive on the Boschendal estate, this little oasis of tranquility is the perfect hideaway spot for couples looking for some private time or moms needing a break.


The cottage is really quaint – set beneath towering oak trees and with a lavender-lined garden path that ensures you enter the space feeling suitably relaxed.

We both agreed that this is the spa space for people who feel intimidated by luxurious, opulent hotel spas…. this spot is comfortable, relaxed and warmly welcoming.

A fire was roaring and quite African-inspired music drifted through the door.

We were set to enjoy a treatment with the Skin Clays range of body products, so we were invited to selected our favourite scent.

I opted for the Balancing Beige Clay which detoxifies & balances skin, restoring and uncovering its natural glow.

Emma went for the Hydrating Rose Clay that delicately aides sensitive & mature skin with its gentle toning action that hydrates & firms skin, restoring a youthful elasticity.

We were then shown to the couples treatment room where warm massage beds awaited our weary bodies!

The Skin Clays Welcome Ritual combines traditional African music, sounds of elephants, lions and nature with organic African products in an original spa experience that will stimulate all your senses!

By allowing clays and botanicals from Mother Earth to heal and restore our skin we can return to a natural state of balance.

Skin Clays are inspired by the way in which animals with wounded skin would instinctively roll in clay and muddy watering holes to protect their skin. By doing so these animals would naturally heal themselves and avoid life-threatening infections and diseases. The conclusion ancient man came to was that clay had healing properties!

Today the Skin Clays team have embarked on a journey to connect the past with the present by introducing ancient healing methods in a modern way. Their aim is to counteract the negative effects of our modern lifestyle, especially on our bodies and skin!

Allow Mother Nature to nurture you

Our room was quite and peaceful. The windows are surrounded by nature – with a few birds and a friendly squirrel in the bushes ensuring you connect with nature immediately!

We we transported to another world once the soothing sounds of Africa drifted over us. This is an incredible spot to reconnect with yourself and nature and our visit on a wintery afternoon was very atmospheric which surely aided in our relaxation!

Our therapists were professional and gentle, using their incredible hands to impart a deep sense of well-being and healing with their touch. (One of our therapists was a male therapist which was initially a surprise for us so maybe double check this on making your booking if this makes you feel uncomfortable. Post-treatment we really couldn’t fault him tho!)

If you wanted a more in depth review of the actual treatment you’ve sadly come to the wrong place because I totally zoned out and paid no attention to what was happening around me…. I just lay there in the stillness and absorbed the wonder that is experiencing a pamper session in such gorgeous surroundings. I was truly transported.

This is a beautiful spa in a quiet environment – the idea place to recharge and restore your body, mind and soul

Our African experience sadly had to come to an end eventually… although I was pleasantly surprised at the generous length of the treatment (and so grateful for every minute!) It ended with a traditional African face painting – my first!

What do you think? Does it make me look authentically African? Considering my pale face, eyes and hair you might have cause to pause… but I can assure you that I am a born and bred African, albeit of the paler variety!

After our afternoon of bliss at Boschendal, we were in no hurry to head home so we decided to pop in for tea at The Deli on the estate. Boschendal is one of my favourite wine farms as there is SO MUCH to do on the estate and I seem to discover a new area on every visit. It is always worth the drive!

The Farm Spa at Boschendal is open daily from 10:00 – 18:00.

They offer a variety of high quality spa treatments such as signature massages, facials, body wraps, manicures, pedicures, waxing and tinting.

The SkinClays African based experiences are unique and exclusive experiences using clays and botanicals combined with ancient African techniques.

For more information refer to the Wellness in the Wild website.

Bookings are essential. Pre-booking of treatments is essential to avoid disappointment.

Call 073 431 0459 or mail to Farm Spa to make a reservation or for enquiries.

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