After my incredible trip around Indonesia this year I’ve really caught the travel bug… it doesn’t help that I made some many amazing new travel blogger friend who know fill my feeds with their wanderlust photos and amazing adventures… and recently a few of them have been spending time in Kerala which got me adding it to my own Bucket List!

So what is Kerala, India all about? Read on below to find out my 7 reasons to visit Kerala.


7 Reasons to Visit Kerala in India

(Mainly to whet my appetite… but hopefully yours too!)

1. The Backwaters

Look up Kerala online and you’ll discover that the region is most well-known for its’ backwaters… these are amazing waterways lined by palm trees and surrounded by incredible natural beauty. I would love the chance to experience authentic Kerala with a stay on a houseboat!

2. The People

For me travel is always about the people. I love meeting new people in my normal everyday life but to meet people from such completely different cultures and to observe their daily rituals and unique habits is the true gift of travel.

3. The Food

These days food actually inspires most people to travel and, after reading up about the destination, I’m pretty sure the Kerala cuisine will be off the charts delicious. In fact it’s usually the first thing mentioned. The food of Kerala is predominantly spicy and coconutty. I’d love to enjoy a traditional vegetarian meal of rice, curries and chutneys all served on a banana leaf and eaten with your hands!

4. The Tropical Beaches

I’m all about tropical beaches and Kerala has some of the most stunning stretches of sand around including Kovalam (close to Trivandrum), Varkala and Cherai Beach (close to Kochi) that all border on the Arabian Sea. Yes please!

5. The Hill Stations

Offering a respite from the heat and humidity, the Hill Stations of Kerala are the place to head for cool, fresh air and stunning views of rolling, misty hills and lush green tea plantations.

6. The Photography Opportunities

As my blog has grown and developed over the past 6 years I’ve really expanded in my love for photography. I’m still no professional but I do consider myself a decent amateur and love looking for new opportunities to take interesting photographs. India would be a dream to photograph!

7. The Experience!

My trip to Indonesia in 2016 changed me in so many ways. I came home with a much broader world view and a taste for adventure. The truth was that I was nervous as hell before I left – 2 weeks away from my kids, a whole new culture, unusual food, a media group of 30 strangers etc etc. It could have turned into a nightmare. But it didn’t. It was an absolute dream (OK aside from the 8 stitches in my head in Bali!) I loved every minute. The unique places, the amazing people, the new friends. It was all so very worth it and I came home wanting to do it again immediately. Unfortunately as a mom of 2 I can’t pack my bags at a moment’s notice and head off to explore the world like so many other travel bloggers. Due to financial and parenting obligations I only get a chance every once in a while, BUT this trip would be another amazing opportunity to not only expand my travel writing and blogging portfolio but also to expand my mind and I would LOVE to be able to experience that again!

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