So a few days back I shared with you that my weight is one of my secret struggles. More specifically my stomach!

I’ve started to eat healthier meals and snacks (more veggies, less sugar) and found an exercise class I’m actually enjoying (fancy that!!) but to get more instant results I’ve signed up to have 6 treatments of body contouring for excess fat reduction with the Exilis Elite machine at the NEW Deluxe in Constantia Village.

The Exilis Elite utilizes Ultrasound and Radiofrequency simultaneously to stimulate lipolysis (the breakdown of the fat cell contents). Approximately 2-6 months after having this treatment one can expect apoptosis (the complete collapse of fat cell), which ultimately reduces fatty deposits. The treatment also focuses on skin tightening. Combined with a healthy lifestyle and a controlled diet and exercise results can be seen after the 2nd treatment and improve with time.

I’ll be going for a series of sessions on the Exilis Elite machine and documenting the progress I experience over the next 2 months. Another beauty editor I’ve spoken to mentioned she last 7cms from her waistline after 6 sessions so I’m hoping for good things…

Here are my thoughts on my first 2 sessions but come back soon to see my progress!


1st session

My first session was on a Friday morning and I felt a bit nervous beforehand. I didn’t know what to expect! Here I was signing myself up to be your guinea pig… After completing a form of personal details I was show to the room where I undressed and proceeded to have to pose for “Before” photographs. Never the best photos of anyone let it be said!!! Having to reveal your flaws in the flesh is terrifying but fortunately it’s behind closed doors and not on a public beach. Then it was time for “Before” measurements…


My main focus area is definitely my stomach (although my upper arms could use some work too!). After 2 babies it’s never been the same again. I’d be surprised if there are even muscles beneath the fat ???? I lay down on the warm bed and then the treatment began. Each area takes 20 mins. 10mins on a lower frequency, then 5 mins at a slightly higher frequency and then another 5 at a higher frequency which penetrates to the deeper levels of fat! A sticker is placed on your back to “close the circuit” and a cool gel is spread over the area. Then the treatment begins using an attachment that transmits ultrasound from the BTL machine.

The sensation is initially cool on the skin but this doesn’t last long! The metal gadget heats up quickly. For the treatment to be effective the temperature needs to be higher than your body temperature of 37.5 degrees so this gadget needs to heat up to approx 40 degrees. The therapist keeps moving it around your chosen treatment area for a minute at a time, then this is a short pause of about 5 seconds and she starts again.

As the treatment goes on the temperature goes up and can reach quite an uncomfortable level. At this point it’s advisable to just tell the therapist to lower the temperature slightly. It shouldn’t become unbearable and burn you but it definitely should heat up as this is what starts to liquify the fat by breaking down the bonds between the fat cells and allowing more blood flow to the area which ultimately “drains” the excess / broken fat cells away into the lymph system. My body tolerated the heat fairly well, although at times I did have to ask the therapist to take it down a notch!

Previously I’ve had a umbilical hernia repair through my belly button and unfortunately the scar has keloided in this area so it’s rather sensitive so I did find that when the therapist went too closely to the scar I really felt the heat burn and this made me a bit anxious. My therapist said she has also struggled a bit with the treatment when the gadget went too close to her own keloid caesar scar but has found other clients with normal caesar scars don’t seem to be as affected. Just something to note!

After 20 mins I was done. Quick and easy and almost painless (just the occasional intense heat) I got redressed and within 2 mins everything was back to normal and I could go on with my day. No down time at all.

What I can say is that in the days after my first treatment I definitely found myself being more mindful of what I was eating – the contents and the quantity. I didn’t want to “undo” all the good I’d just done. Who wants to go through a treatment like this only to have it work… and then you fall back into your previous ways and put all the weight back on again! Not me! So I thought twice about the croissant and red cappuccino and tried hard to eat smaller portions at supper. I also found myself more conscious of drinking water throughout the day. (and I possibly felt a bit more thirsty!) This is a detox programme and ideally you need to be drinking your 2L everyday. I’ve taken to keeping a water bottle with me at my desk and in the car so that I get in my water requirements to flush out all the fat!!!


2nd session

My second session was the next Saturday afternoon and I popped in to Constantia Village to find it really quiet. Once again we did some photos but no measurements this time… they only do this at the first session. And then it was the same procedure as before.

This time I found the heat more bearable and didn’t find myself flinching quite as often. I did mention the scar thing to this therapist and I think she avoided the area a bit so that definitely helped. We also noticed that one side of my stomach as a bit more fat than the other. Rather odd!! So she tried to focus on my right side more and we’ll be following the progress of reducing that fat “bubble” with interest!! I can’t quite fathom the day when I have a balanced, even, fat-free stomach. What is that!??

After this treatment I did find my skin was rather red and a bit sensitive to the hot water of my shower a day or two after the session. I was assured this was normal. In fact redness is a sign that blood is flowing to the area which is good news for breaking down the fat cells!

I’ve started to noticed that my stomach feels a bit smoother and slightly flatter. It might be my imagination but I feel a very slight difference. My therapist says that most people start seeing results after  3 – 4 sessions. 6 sessions is recommended. The thing to remember is that the true results actually only reveal themselves about 3 – 4 months AFTER the treatment which is interesting! This makes me quite pleased that I’m doing this now in the latter days of winter so that I can reap the rewards of my new bikini bod in summer! (Here’s hoping!!)

Again I definitely am craving water more often and trying to up my intake. I’ve also become more focussed on getting to my exercise class. I’ve been going sporadically but I’ve not committed to at least once a week and this week I’m aiming for twice! I find it interesting that making 1 small change in your life can inspire you to follow through with other changes. The hard thing is doing them all at once, but making one small change at a time can be the answer!

I’ve also been given 2 Cellulite Gels to try post-treatment in the comfort of my own home. These gels are supposed to aid with the detox process so I’m going to give them a bash and report back in my follow up posts about this procedure. Come back soon to find out what I think alongside my progress with body-contouring using the Exilis Eclipse machine at Deluxe Laser, Constantia.


A package of 6 treatments for one area is R2495

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